Manager's Area

Welcome to the Manager's Area. Here you can find useful information related to managing a team in Park Celtic.

Injury Report Form
Injury report form to be completed by team manager.
Pandemic Flu Guidelines
Guidelines on Swine Flu for sports clubs
Use of St. Laurences for 2009/10 season
Guidelines and conditions for use of St. Laurences pitches for the 2009/10 season
Upcoming Courses
A of upcoming courses for all Park Celtic Managers.
Completed Manager Training Courses
Training courses completed by managers.
Manager Guidelines
A set of guidelines and best practices for all managers.
A list of fixtures for the coming weekend.
Match Day Tips
Suggestions on how to make sure match days go smoothly and are fun for all.
Away Pitches
Maps of away pitches (note this will take time to build up).
Manager Contact Details
A list of all Park Celtic Managers and their contact details.
Referees Fees
A list of the referees fees for season 2009/10
Training Session Tips
Useful tips for making your training sessions more effective and enjoyable.
Practice Drills
75 pages of practice drills and plans for all age groups (PDF file 1.71mb)
Drills for 7-a-side age groups
Drills for 7-a-side age groups (Microsoft Word Document 134K)
Football Workshop
Diagrams and Documents from the Football Workshop